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During each domain registration, the domain name (including the name of the person or company, telephone, e-mail and physical address), which is created to determine the rightful owner, financial and technical responsible of the domain name, and which is sent to the registrar through the registrar and contains the details of the person or company ( domain) whois information is called.

How does Whois whois checker?

Domain whois checker is carried out through the authorized ip addresses to the relevant Registry company or by the official registrar hosting the whois server with special agreements and transmitting it to the database where it allocates security conditions.

What is the secret whois record / information?

The identity information of some domains is hidden. This is referred to as domain whois protection. To reach the owners or financial or technical managers of domain names with whois protection, it is necessary to report to the proxy (proxy) address that assumes the privacy of whois information.

Every whois protection service provider must deliver the notifications transmitted through him according to ICANN rules to the real owner of the domain he / she hides. Since the declaration is considered essential in this obligation, the correctness and timeliness of the contact information is primarily the responsibility of the respective domain name owner to reach the real owner of the domain names whose whois information is hidden.