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About Serp Checker

Serp Checker is a tool that allows you to detect the position of your website on google search engines. rank checker does not require membership and allows you to make unlimited queries. JustWebTools offers a free keyword checker tool for users who want to locate your website's search results for different keywords. The serp checker tool can search Google for up to 10 pages to examine a keyword's position in search results.

By following the steps below, you can use the keyword position checker tool for free and locate your website in search results for different keywords.

First, enter the URL of your website's homepage.

Enter your keywords in the 'keyword' box. For example, there is a "serp checker" content on your website and you want to check the position of this content in search results. For this, the key words you should type in the box should be keywords such as keyword checker, Free serp checker, Google Rank Finder. When writing keywords, make sure to write each word on a separate line.
Choose how many rank you want your website to be checked on Google. This serp checker Tool is able to check positions up to 100th on Google!
And finally click Find Keyword Location and wait. If your content has a top position in search results, the tool will detect it in a few seconds. However, if your content's keywords are in more advanced positions such as 50, 60, or 100, the tool will need some time to be able to detect the exact positions.
With the help of the keyword checker Tool, you can quickly find out which keywords are getting good rankings and which keywords have failed results. In addition, our tool can easily find the keywords or group of keywords you enter, no matter which page your website is on