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Why it is important to measure the loading speed of your website
We could mention several reasons why it is important to maintain a good loading speed for your website.

It is basic for SEO

On the one hand, loading speed affects SEO. And it is that Google, Yahoo !, or Bing take into account the time that your website spends to fully load. Therefore, if we want to have our page speed 100% optimized from the SEO point of view we will need to measure the loading speed of our website and in case of obtaining a lousy or improvable loading speed, we must get down to work and optimize our speed.

In this way, the loading speed of our website will directly affect the positioning of our site in the main search engines, being able to improve and scale positions simply by improving this factor.

It affects the user experience

Secondly, user experience is the second most important reason why we should have a web page speed optimized from the point of view of speed. And this factor is not less important than the first ... Can you imagine that the Amazon website took 3 seconds to load a product page? 3 seconds for Facebook to load a profile?

Although it seems very little time, really, there are very few milliseconds that a category website like the ones mentioned above take to show its contents, optimizing the user experience as much as possible. And it has been shown that if these websites took a few seconds to load, this factor would translate into loss of active users and loss of income.

Therefore, if we want to give the best to our users, we will have to take a look at the loading speed of our website on an almost mandatory basis.