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Internet users today prefer to use websites that load faster, webmasters pay attention to the loading speed of the site. Based on the results of some surveys, it takes a long time to load 4-5 seconds or more, site visitors with a large percentage of these sites are leaving. Therefore, site owners should pay attention to the loading rate of their sites in order to achieve a low abandonment rate and to obtain better results in search results.

Visitors prefer content that includes quality information, graphics, videos and images. Pages containing these multimedia tools become heavier and do not load quickly.

We created the web page size checker tool so that everyone can find out the size of the web page. Pay attention to the page size and perform a size reduction to directly affect the page load time.

You can use our Page Size checker tool by following the following directive:

Enter the full page URL in the toolbox and click "Submit". Our tool will provide a full page report after a waiting period of not even one second. You can see the size both in Kilobytes (KB) and in bytes in the contents of this report.
If you regularly keep your website up to date with new content and multimedia content, you need to periodically test your page size. A good page load speed not only provides a good user experience and lowers your page's performance rates, but also improves your search engine rankings because the "speed" factor is one of Google's main problems.