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About Broken Links Checker

Here we have presented a very useful SEO tool in the form of the Broken Link Checker.

The tool helps you to easily identify the broken links on your website.

If you click on a link and receive a 404 error message, it is said to be a broken link.

In fact, broken links can damage your website's ranking. It continues to affect the user experience. If a website contains multiple broken links, it is referred to as "Link Red".

A broken link can occur for several reasons:

A website may be temporarily unavailable
The website may have been deleted
The Permalink website has been changed or modified
The website may have been blocked by a firewall or similar software
With this broken links checker, however, you can maintain the credibility of your website. Broken links on your website are found quickly.

The tool is very user-friendly. You can use it as often as you like. In addition, it comes to you free of charge.

If you have multiple broken links to your website, this is not good for your online business. This affects usability and lowers your search engine rankings.

If visitors don't get what they need (if they come across a broken link), they quickly switch to another website and never return to your website.

It's all because of a bad experience in the form of broken links.

With this broken link checker you can quickly identify broken links and fix all errors.

Dead or broken links are a normal phenomenon for websites that are not updated regularly. In addition, webmasters and website owners may not know that their websites contain broken links.

Users feel disappointed when they come across a broken link. You will move to another location. They can also comment on social media platforms that they have had bad experiences with your website. This will damage your website's credibility.

Broken links continue to reduce website traffic. It spoils your SEO score and lowers the page ranking on SERPs.

It is therefore important to delete all broken links on your website. You should update your website regularly.

You can also use this broken link checker and find your website for broken links. You should fix any errors as soon as possible.

At JustWebTools we strive to provide you with the best SEO tools. With our broken link checking tool, you can find broken links on your website. We made it easy for you to find any dead links on your website!

How do I use the Broken Links Checker?

This broken links checker tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is access the website for the tool.

You must enter the URL in the field provided and click the "Submit" button.

Our tool processes your request immediately and shows you the results immediately.

Anyone can use this tool. The search is unlimited. No prior registration or login is required.

Plus, it's free.

It is a very useful tool for website owners, bloggers and SEO professionals.