3 Great Reasons To Invest In SEO Today

From a business standpoint SEO is a no brainer for any company that wants to do well in the online space. It’s a way to generate revenue without even actually needing to spend money. By good practice of SEO alone you can generate good money. This article is focused on the main reasons that some of your budget should go into SEO. Increase Exposure The first reason is to increase exposure of not only your products but your brand. To be seen as brand in the online space you need...
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by JWTContributor



Get A Voice, Be Heard

Have you ever asked a copywriter what the hardest part of their job is? It’s not grammar or editing; we’ve got those in the bag. Ironically enough, the hardest part about copywriting isn’t about the words, themselves…it’s about the feeling those words convey. Creating a “brand identity” or a “brand voice” is a tricky process that’s different every time. Brand voice is about a company’s individuality or personality, or in other words, coming off as personable while still conveying an air of professionalism. The...
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SEO optimization: 4 steps before you start a new website

Design a few subpages quickly - the main thing is that it looks good. A simple blog with the most important information about the company and why we are “the best”. The visitors can come. It's only a matter of time before our website is at the top of Google's list. It is still felt like this, or something like that, by many . Search engine optimization? Bringing a few of the most sought-after words from my industry into my texts is enough. The rest will come in time. If it were really that easy, it would be...
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SEO Mistakes That Could Bury Your Company

Like just about anything else in the business world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a set of rules that everyone involved is expected to play by. As long as SEO firms play by those rules their clients will enjoy profitable search engine rankings. But if they break the rules and Google finds out, their client’s sites could be buried so deep they become essentially useless. One recent example of such disaster came by way of JCPenney’s rankings throughout the busy holiday season. From about November 2010 to early February 2011, the...
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Exchange Knowledge For Mutual SEO Benefit

Today’s tip writer is by Craig  I found this a good refreshing tip on how to network with people from “neighboring” niches for mutual benefit. I own a DJ company in Philadelphia.  I added a blog to my website in late 2019 and began my quest for SEO sometime in mid 2020. One of the greatest stumbling blocks I found was that many of the folks in my industry were still networking the old-fashioned way (industry luncheons, business card exchanges, etc) and very few of them had any idea about...
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Track Your SEO Success: Keep a Historical Log

As often as we discuss different search analytics and SEO tools to check rankings, it seems we overlook ways to keep track of exactly what individual components make up the ranking. I’m not referring to the ranking URL, but the actual elements of the page. Things like page titles, meta descriptions and more are associated with a page and its current ranking. Yet, they are often forgotten once changed. To optimize a site effectively over time, begin the process by establishing a good, old-fashioned SEO log (I use Excel) to give you a historical view...
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Dealing with “This Site May Harm Your Computer” Notice

So your site got hacked. Google identified some malware on it and put “This site may harm your computer” notice next to your site listings in SERPs. It happens so often today that you don’t even need to be too surprised: no panic, just take action. Steps to take: Remove the Malware (check the source code of your pages); Change your FTP-passwords; Contact your hosting provider to let them know they possibly have some secure leak and make sure they have taken some action (that’s also a good way to make sure your hosting...
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