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About Backlink Checker

One of the most important steps to implement external optimization of SEO sites can be filled with links from third-party web resources, called contact sites. These links, or backlinks, are intended not only to attract users from additional sources, but also influence search engines and thus the position of the web resource in the results of the problem. However, it should be noted that search robots do have some external link analysis algorithms and can reject anything backlinks that do not respond to them, reducing the site in the index ranking. Therefore, it is important not to look for the number of links, but for their qualitative component.

Why analyze external links?

Reference mass analysis using the backlink checker can be performed: on your own site or on the promoted site, in order to identify poor quality links, creating reputation, as well as creating a high-quality reference profile; Competitor sites study their promotional methods and further fine-tune the strategy for developing their resources. The search engine algorithm is designed to identify the usefulness and reduce the ranking of sites with an unnatural link profile. Therefore, the more useful the link, the more users navigate it and perform certain specific actions, which has a double advantage: it attracts visitors to the reporting site and also improves the ranking of your project in the eyes of the engine. search.

How to use free backlink analysis

Often, the SEO optimizer may have to check backlinks previously placed on your site (for example, it may be a link exchange, a forum post, etc.), because on time, these links can disappear (impurities from webmasters, forum cleaning), but moderators, etc. Therefore, to have an up-to-date list of "live" links on your site, you can use the uplink backlink verification service. To use it, simply enter the acceptor site URL and the continuation of the list of contact sites.

After checking the relevance of the links, the service will determine which links lead to your site and which links no longer contain them